What we do

Together we’ll find your voice.

The Donaldson Trust provides a range of services and support to Neurodivergent children, young people and adults:

Sensational Learning Centre

Our registered contemporary learning service / Grant Aided Special School for children with complex additional support needs.

Click here more information on our Sensational Learning Centre


Our Wellbeing Service for Neurodivergent Young People aged 12-18yrs old.

Click here for more information on our Vibe service.


Gate is a skills development and training service for neurodivergent adults aged 16+.

Trainees at Gate will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and improve their wellbeing and confidence through a wide range of activities including vocational and accredited courses.

Gate operates 48 weeks of the year and is funded by Self Directed Support.

You can read more about Gate and to apply click here.


Treehouse is a bespoke service which provides an individualised support package, including a high level of support, to Neurodivergent People.

You can read more about Treehouse here.



Our ethos

Our ethos

“Through collaborations and partnerships, we can give children and young people a voice; and help them find their place in the world.”

Laura Watkins, CEO The Donaldson Trust