About Vibe

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Vibe is our wellbeing service supporting young people aged 12-18 in a neurodivergent friendly environment.

About Vibe

Vibe is a wellbeing service based in our Linlithgow campus for neurodivergent young people aged 12-18 who are unable to attend a traditional mainstream school.

Providing a holistic programme of wellbeing and skills development, Vibe aims to build confidence and resilience, and through our person-centred approach, achieve agreed ambitions, and where appropriate reengage with learning.

Our Learning and Wellbeing Practitioners support young people to achieve their ambitions using a wellbeing framework and a programme of learning and skills development activities developed to meet individual needs.


Vibe wellbeing environment

As a wellbeing service, Vibe’s key focus is to reduce anxiety and build resilience to improve self-esteem. Through a variety of activities, techniques and programmes, Vibe aims to help young people develop new skills and relationships while developing knowledge that will enhance life opportunities.

Co-developed with neurodivergent young people, and supported by our specialists experienced in this area, the specifically designed Vibe environment is a critical factor in creating a warm, low arousal, and friendly space for neurodivergent young people to thrive and achieve their personal goals.

Young people have use of a range of rooms and also have access to the campus Bistro during lunch time. Other campus facilities including the grounds, gym hall, swimming pool and outdoor all-weather pitch are also available to Vibe.


Vibe provides a variety of activities designed to match to the interests and skills of young people which include:

  • arts and crafts
  • music and drama
  • yoga and relaxation
  • sports
  • cooking and baking
  • life skills
  • gaming
  • creative writing
  • numeracy
  • literacy

Activity content is continuously evaluated to ensure it is relevant and new activities is added when required.

Our ethos

Our ethos

“Our aim is to support neurodivergent children and young people in a space where they feel safe and secure in order to re-engage with their learning”

Laura Watkins, CEO The Donaldson Trust re. Vibe