Our Bistro

Our campus Bistro offers healthy, nutritious and balanced meals and snacks. It is open during school term time, Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm, for those who use our services and our staff.

Operated by our experienced cook, Lisa, who regularly reviews the menu to develop a variety of delicious dishes, she follows guidelines from Care Inspectorate (Food Matters), Health and Social Care Standards, and Health and Wellbeing Principles (extracted from Education Scotland Guidance) to deliver the best quality and standards.

Our Menus

Lunches are provided as part of the placement to all young people attending our Sensational Learning Centre.

Lunch Menu

Individuals who attend our other services can purchase food from the lunch menu via the Bistro Website or direct via the Bistro staff team.

There is also an additional Bistro Menu available for individuals and staff to purchase food items.

Bistro Menu

Allergen Information

How to Order

Students in our Sensational Learning Centre make their lunch choices on a weekly basis via their class teacher who will coordinate with Lisa, our Bistro cook.

Individuals in our other services and staff can place an order via The Bistro Website or directly via a member of staff in the Bistro.

We ask that all orders are placed by 10am each day to provide enough time for preparation.