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We provide a bespoke support service based on individual need.

About Treehouse

Treehouse is a specialist wellbeing service for neurodivergent adults aged 16+ who require an individualised programme and bespoke environment to support and improve their wellbeing, skills development and independence.

Based in Linlithgow within the grounds of the Trust’s main campus, Treehouse offers independent studios where people supported benefit from activities that build confidence, resilience and through our person-centred approach, can achieve their goals and ambitions.


As a wellbeing service, the Treehouse environment has been specifically designed and co-developed with parents and carers, health and education and social work departments, and supported by our specialists experienced in this area.

Treehouse offers warm, low arousal, and friendly spaces for those who use the service to help them thrive and achieve their personal goals.

Each of the six individual studios has their own entrance and consists of a living room, kitchen and learning space, and a private garden area. The ‘home-style’ setting offers independent, individualised spaces tailored to each person’s needs.

Person Centred Approach

The skilled Treehouse team aim to build confidence and resilience by taking a person-centred approach to help people achieve their agreed goals and ambitions.

A range of activities delivered by Treehouse Wellbeing Practitioners are designed to match individual interests and skills and content is continuously evaluated to ensure it is relevant, meaningful and  stimulating.


Placements in Treehouse are funded via the local authority.

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Our ethos

Our ethos

“We pride ourselves in developing the learning and wellbeing of children and young people in a safe, nurturing environment.”

Laura Watkins, CEO The Donaldson Trust