We have exciting news!

The Trust are developing new services for people with neurodiversities.  Here is a brief description with more information coming soon.


Vibe is a platform for learning and improving wellbeing. Its aim is to support children and young people with neurodiversities in a space where they feel safe and secure in order to re-engage with learning. Through our person centred planning approach children and young people are supported to achieve a state of mind where they are able to learn and live more fully. Numeracy and literacy are key within our core skills curriculum. We recognise that being proficient in these areas will help children and young people successfully progress from our services. Alongside academic learning, children and young people have opportunities to learn stress reduction strategies and skills to help them reduce anxiety. Vibe offers a modern alternative approach to balancing learning and wellbeing to ensure the best possible outcomes for those who engage with the service.

The Gate

The Gate is a skills development and training service for people with neurodiversities. Its foundation is  based on improving and enhancing skills as well as improving wellbeing. The service aims to build confidence, resilience and through our person centred planning approach, achieving agreed goals and ambitions. The Gate has a range of vocational and accredited courses, delivered by tradespeople and tutors. People who come to our Gate service are able to learn valuable skills; from photography, art and animation to horticulture and cooking; to IT, cybersecurity and coding. To complement the practical skills, people have opportunities to develop skills in mindfulness, yoga and stress reduction techniques. The Gate opens up opportunities to enhance lives in order that ambitions are realised.

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