Rita’s story

Young Person Rita (not her real name) 14, came into #JunX10n service wishing:

“to relax and live, be less anxious about talking to people, I like learning but find it hard to learn in school, be able to get out of the house and do things of interest, I love music but can’t do it anymore.”

Rita gained access to service but struggled to come in. Staff went to the family home and built relationships and gradually started going out for walks, then extended these to walking up to the building and eventually made it into service within the 6-week assessment period. A Person-Centred Planning MAP session was held where the following 5 areas for improvement were identified:

  • To continue my learning/education in a ‘safe’ place (formal/informal/life skills).
  • To visit new places (dynamic earth, café’s, museum, library, shopping).
  • To learn more about my emotions/states of being.
  • To manage my anxieties better and learn coping strategies I can use on my own.
  • To have a place where I feel like I belong and have a purpose.

Gradually, Rita started to increase the time she spent at #JunX10n to accommodate the plan as she was not attending school. The School provided formal learning and Rita was able to complete this in the #JunX10n environment.

Rita attended various trips and outings such as Dynamic Earth and Sky Studios whilst also engaging in weekly sessions using relaxation and mindfulness techniques to lower and control anxiety. She has built friendships and relationships with other young people where shared experiences around anxiety and mental health have helped her to realise that there are others who feel the same way.

Socialising, taking part in group quizzes and digital projects has given her back her sense of belonging. Music sessions are held in service in partnership with school, physical activities such as table tennis has been a new-found talent. Rita is now attending school again on a more regular basis with support from #JunX10n giving her a base to discuss feelings and to help reflect on educational planning.