About The Gate

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The Gate supports people with neurodiversities to develop and maintain skills as well as improve their wellbeing.

About The Gate

The Gate is our skills development and training service for people with neurodiversities aged 16+

It’s foundation is based on maintaining and enhancing skills as well as improving wellbeing.

The service aims to build confidence, resilience and through our person centred approach, achieving agreed goals and ambitions.

The Gate has a range of vocational and accredited courses, delivered by tradespeople and tutors.

People who come to The Gate service are able to learn valuable skills; from photography, art and animation to horticulture and cooking; IT, cyber security and coding.

The Gate opens up opportunities to enhance lives in order that ambitions are realised.


To complement the practical skills, The Gate provides access to a wellbeing programme, underpinned by our person centred philosophy.

The Gate provides opportunities for individuals to develop self-esteem, reduce anxiety and build resilience in order to reach their goals and dreams as well as opportunities to develop skills in mindfulness, yoga and stress reduction techniques.

The Gate has been co-designed with people with neurodiversities and offers a friendly and warm environment where individuals can relax and be themselves.


Placements within The Gate are funded by Self-directed Support.

For further information on what placements may look like please contact us.


Our ethos

Our ethos

“We provide opportunities to enhance lives in order that ambitions are realised”

Laura Watkins, CEO The Donaldson Trust re. The Gate