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Learning Journals

The school is now using a system for monitoring and tracking called Learning Journals.

This is an online visual record of each pupil’s achievements which can be linked to, and tracked against, the curriculum for excellence outcomes.  It was originally designed to track and monitor progress in nurseries but has rolled out to other educational establishments over the last decade.

Learning Journals is safe and secure and accessible anywhere once you have an individual log in.

One of the real benefits to this system is parents can have access to their own child’s journal and to its live updates.  Parents are able to see photos, videos and comments on their child’s achievements and activities on a week to week basis/ as and when things are added, instead of having to wait to parents evenings or school reports being issued.  There is also an option for parents to write comments in response to what they see.

The school envisages this feature will improve and strengthen communication between home and school and will allow parents to celebrate their child’s successes at home.

For more information on Learning Journals please visit their website.

Parents requesting log in details please contact Kim Murphy, Administration Manager on 01506 841923 or