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Parents Area

How do we work with Parents and Carers?

We value the importance of partnership with families involved with Donaldson’s School.  The Person Centred Planning approach supports the family and others (Natural Supports) to be part of the progress of our children and young people. This approach to planning complements and adds further meaning to our planning and review processes. Scheduled meetings with parents and professionals take place twice a year to discuss more in-depth child and young person progress and wellbeing.

Our open door policy encourages parents and carers to contact the school at any time for any reason.

We encourage as much communication as possible between school staff, children and young people and parents.  We therefore operate school diaries which we encourage children and young people to take home with them each day and email contact is encouraged between class teachers and home as an effective method of communication.

We also offer video conferencing facilities which may assist those who prefer to contact us using British Sign Language or who live a distance from the school.

We host various events throughout the year and encourage all parents and carers to attend. These include both formal and informal opportunities to share the work of the school and include parent evenings, assemblies, open morning/afternoons and one to one with the headteacher and CEO.

To support parent’s in-between their attendance at these events, they have access to Learning Journals and are given log in details to access their child’s learning journey and make comments.