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Our School Provision

What do we offer as a school?

A Vibrant Environment for children and young people – Our vibrant environment extends far beyond the innovative and modern space.  Our creative team and innovative learning approaches underpin the ambition we have for the future of the children and young people we support.

Person Centred Planning (PCP) – Like all our services, PCP is a critical element of the school experience.  Our team members are trained in PCP methodology and will encourage children and young people to understand their own capabilities, drivers and options to create an inspiring and realistic plan.  There are five underpinning and core “Ordinary Needs” towards living a dignified life: Contributing, Choice and Control, Sharing Ordinary Places, Being Someone, Belonging.

Relevant Learning Experiences with emphasis on preparing for life – The school has fully integrated the principles and values of both the Curriculum for Excellence and Getting it Right for Every Child into our planning, protocols and practices to ensure the curriculum, resources and outcomes are bespoke to each child and young person.

This is evident within the delivery of a core curriculum which focuses on communication, life skills and health and well-being and takes into account the importance of a holistic approach to learning and development. Each child and young person’s needs are assessed on an individual basis and includes cognitive, behavioural and communication assessments.

Experienced Therapies Team – Our therapies team will ensure that there is effective support built around each child and young person and that school staff are well trained and mentored, allowing them to support our children and young people as required.  We have specialists in Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy as well as trained staff in the fields of Applied Behaviour Analysis, TEEACH, Intensive Interaction and Sensory Integration.

Provide Qualification – We deliver a range of qualifications up to National Level 5.  However, the qualifications which each young person works towards will be dependent on their interests, passions, skills and abilities. We also provide opportunities for children and young people to achieve accreditation within the wide ASDAN programme.

Engagement with the Local Community and Businesses – A key aim of the service is to help young people gain access to everyday challenges faced in the community and the world of work.  We work with a range of businesses and organisations to help children and young people build resilience and skills which will serve them well as they develop into adulthood.