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The GIRFEC approach at Donaldson’s School

Donaldson’s School is committed to the principles and values underpinning the GIRFEC approach with all staff trained in and aware of what contributes to the overall wellbeing of a child or young person.

We strive to ensure that children and young people are at the heart of every decision we make through this holistic approach and we value the input and skills of all involved in the life of a child and their family. We value also the skills and expertise of external professional agencies to support our work.

We have a Named Person who is available as a clear point of contact for children, young people and families providing advice, information, and support in a proactive way which minimises the development of low key issues turning in to crisis situations.

Through our robust self- evaluation processes we are able to evaluate the impact of this approach, changing strategies and direction if in the best interests of children and young people.

Principles into Practice

Our practice reflects these principles and values in many ways.

Keeping children and young people safe – We have robust child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures in place and support children and young people through our health and well- being curriculum.

Putting the child at the centre – We listen to the views of our children and young people and involve them in many decisions that affect them including the use of person/pupil centred planning meetings, voting on curriculum activities, choice of break activities and taking their views into account in self-evaluation exercises.

Taking a whole child approach – We accept that what is going on in one part of a child or young person’s life can affect many other areas of his or her life. We support them through building relationships with their families.

We have multi- disciplinary meetings to look at how to support child through challenges and take account of influencing factors in our support planning.

Building on strengths and promoting resilience – We plan and deliver activities using strengths based approach. The starting point for a child or young person’s learning is what we know they are good at and are challenged to try new things when they ate learning resilient.

Their successes are celebrated through assemblies, learning journals and through our day to day interaction using meaningful praise.

Promoting opportunities and valuing diversity – We use certificates celebrating wide range of achievements taking into account the individual

Providing additional help that is appropriate, proportionate and timely – We use Person centred Planning meetings to establish a baseline from which to move forward. This ensures we are providing help as early as possible and considering short and long-term needs. Our meetings, planning sheets and assessments of support put make use of SHANARRI indicators

Supporting informed choice – We share information about other agencies and opportunities with families to support them to make the right choices for their child or young person. Our Person/Pupil centred planning meetings supports children, young people and families to reach decisions in ways that are sensitive to their individual strengths, resources, needs and experience. Informing choices is an ongoing process of communication.

Working in partnership with families – We recognise that supporting, wherever possible, those who know a child or young person well and know what they need greatly supports the work we do with children and young people.

We encourage this through a variety of ways including regular communication with families, PCP meetings and access to Learning journals

Respecting confidentiality and sharing information – We have data protection policies and procedures in place which promote seeking agreement to share information that is relevant and proportionate.

We have specific staff responsible for child protection and a named person who are trained to ensure confidentiality and the sharing of information is a vital part of our processes.