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Outreach provides coaching & mentoring support for Neurodiverse young people and adults.


The Donaldson Trust’s Outreach service provides mentoring support for neurodiverse young people and adults aged 14+.

We are passionate about individuals being empowered to live independent and fulfilling lives and are able to achieve their aspirations and goals.

Our Outreach Service is tailored to suit individual needs.

Our focus in on developing self-esteem, confidence, resilience and improving wellbeing.

For some people with neurodiversities they may sometimes experience challenges and anxieties about undertaking certain tasks or activities; our outreach service, as with all our services, is person centred and designed to meet individual needs.


Placements are based on individual need.

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Our ethos

Our ethos

“Our aim is to support neurodivergent children and young people in a space where they feel safe and secure in order to re-engage with their learning”

Laura Watkins, CEO The Donaldson Trust re. Vibe