Neurodivergent Learning and Wellbeing Service launches to support young people

Young people aged 12 to 18 who are neurodivergent can now access improved support through a new outdoor learning and wellbeing service launched by The Donaldson Trust, the National Body for Neurodiversity.

WoodlaND Learning, based in Clarkston, East Renfrewshire, and delivered in partnership with Off Grid Community, will support neurodivergent young people whose secondary mainstream school placement is as risk due to non-attendance and where the addition of support outside of school has been identified as a priority to improve wellbeing.   

A range of activities are designed to improve emotional and mental wellbeing, promote positive relationship building, develop communication and social skills and build confidence to re-engage with their learning to improve educational attainment.

Laura Watkins, chief executive of The Donaldson Trust, said “WoodlaND Learning offers a real opportunity to work in partnership with schools to provide joint placements where appropriate with the aim of supporting young people to re-engage with mainstream education. It focuses on elements including working to improve self-esteem, confidence, relationships and emotional and mental wellbeing, helping to reduce placement breakdown and increase positive destinations for young neurodivergent people.”

It is estimated that around one in seven people are neurodivergent and this new service is part of the Trust’s work to extend their reach to improve the lives of more neurodivergent people.

In addition to providing support services, the Donaldson Trust works in partnership with individuals, organisations and businesses to increase knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity to improve the experiences of neurodivergent people across Scotland to enhance accessibility and inclusivity.

The trust is also at the forefront of driving change through its work with partners and Scottish Government, with the aim of ensuring neurodiversity is incorporated into educational policy and workplace practice. Click here to find out more about WoodlaND Learning.