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May Pupdate

Ruaridh has been extremely busy over the last month working with trainees in #JunX10n.

Ruaridh has set up a regular walking group for trainees where they can relax and spend time with one another outdoors.

Ruaridh has also been busy training and learning new games and tricks with trainees.  Like many dogs, Ruaridh has also enjoyed getting time to relax but also getting lots of belly rubs from trainees.











So, what have trainees been saying about the new addition to #JunX10n:

It’s nice to have Ruaridh around

Ruaridh can be quite anxious/ nervous around people at the moment but he is a kind, friendly, funny, loveable puppy

Ruaridh has come a long way with his training since he first started at #JunX10n.  His ability to walk to heel has improved a lot

Ruaridh has helped me attend #Junx10n, I don’t think I would have made it along if he wasn’t there.  He has helped me feel more comfortable and at ease

I love spending time with Ruaridh, he just makes things easier

Look out for more pupdates in the coming months!!!

*Photo credit: Katie (#JunX10n trainee)

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