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Classlist is a private social network for communities; which is used in #JunX10n.

#JunX10n use Classlist to communicate information and events to parents such as holiday dates, events coming up etc.

Parents can use Classlist to communicate with other parents in a safe, inclusive and fully moderated platform.  It also allows them to receive information updates and reminders from #JunX10n staff too.  Once a parent registers they control what information is shared with other parents and are responsible for updating their own account.

Classlist’s mission is “to be the most trusted platform for parents to share family contact information, get to know each other, help each other with parenting (it takes a village to raise a child) and build strong communities all over the world.”

Classlist is private, secure and lawful – their data handling processes have undergone detailed GDPR legal compliance reviews.

For further information go to:

To register with #JunX10n Classlist contact Kim Murphy, Admin Manager on 01506 841923 or