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Our Service Provision

  • Provides a great environment for our Trainees’ – #JunX10n provides a contemporary space with a “Google Offices” feel. We encourage Trainees to co-author/ design their work space such as having – a Common Room, a Person Centred Planning Room, a Laboratory, a Quiet Room, a Loud Room, an Art Room, a Gaming Room and a Computing and Coding Room.
  • Family Involvement – Partnership is key.  Our Person Centred Planning approach works with the family (Natural Supports) and other identified people who help our Trainees to support their progress.  This approach to planning compliments and adds further meaning to our planning and review process. We also have a parent’s group which aims to bring parents and carers together and provide a space for discussion, support and learning from each other.
  • Person Centred Planning (PCP) for Dynamic Outcomes – PCP is a critical element of the #JunX10n experience.  Our staff are trained in PCP methodology and will encourage Trainees to understand their own capacities, drivers and dreams to create an inspiring and realistic plan which lights up the 5 underpinning and core “Ordinary Needs” towards living a dignified life: Contributing, Choice & Control, Sharing Ordinary Places, Being Someone, Belonging.
  • Service (static) Outcomes – Running alongside Person Centred Planning and the dynamic, diverse personalised outcomes which PCP generates, we also work on and gather evidence in line with static service outcomes: 

Outcome 1

Young people have an improved ability to adapt plans and cope as circumstances change

Outcome 2

Young people experience improvement in well being including reduced anxiety and improved motivation

Outcome 3

Young people develop positive relationships

Outcome 4

Young people have improved communication skills

Outcome 5

Young people will leave the service better equipped and achieving

Outcome 6

Young people are involved in developing a clearer path towards their goals

  • Develop each Trainee’s personal skills – Skills require the space to grow.  We will identify (or discover) these and provide the environment to nurture them.  Some skills make Trainees highly employable, others can become an enterprise on their own.  However, and just as importantly, nurturing skills can unlock an energy and passion within our Trainees. Once we identify our Trainee’s interests and skills, we will safely and collaboratively, unlock, harness and direct their energy at a pace that is in line with our Trainee’s comfort levels.
  • Support Qualifications and Accreditation/Certification – In addition, we can deliver a generic employability qualification if required.  We can also provide certification via various skills based and/ or vocational programmes e.g. Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN)