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About #JunX10n


“Our vision is that neuro-diverse young people are both aware of and empowered by their own skills, talents and abilities and have the confidence to assert them.”


“Our mission is to collaboratively empower neuro-diverse young people to reboot their life choices and options.”

The #JunX10n service was set up by The Donaldson Trust in October 2016 as a transitions support service for young people aged 14 to 25 with neuro-diversities.  The service aims to empower young people to identify goals and ambitions for their future by improving their understanding of their own strengths and wellbeing needs and gaining opportunities to engage in activities that could lead to increased community engagement, further education opportunities, or employment.

We ambitiously create a can-do culture and space which engages young people. In doing so, we empower young people to design their own inspiring and realistic futures.  This person centred planning approach lays the foundations for each young person to literally “reboot their options”.

The service has the Scottish Transition Forum’s “7 Principles of Good Transitions” running through its provision. #JunX10n is committed to these 7 principles and strives to remain firmly in line with their guidance whilst searching for innovative ways to expand on and inform their content.