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Connect’s purpose is to deliver therapeutic support, training, advice and information for children, young people and their families who access services provided by The Donaldson Trust.

Additionally an outreach service is available to provide training, information and advice to other external agencies.

Connect provides a service delivery model in line with a three tier approach:

  1. Direct support
    1. Assessment
    2. 1:1 support/small group work
    3. Blocks of intensive work on a specific identified need
    4. Review
  2. Targeted support
    1. Training/modelling for staff, parents, young people about
    2. Specific issues
    3. Approaches
    4. Consultancy
    5. Provision of therapy programs
    6. Advice
    7. Support
  3. Universal Support
    1. Training/modelling for stakeholders and external organisations
    2. Advice
    3. Practical support
    4. Information
    5. Partnership working

This approach supports our aim to improve outcomes for children and young people with additional support needs both within the services provided by The Donaldson Trust and in the wider community.