Zac’s Story

Young person Zac (not his real name) 19, came into our #JunX10n service after sitting at home on the computer all day every day. But he had a real talent for drawing.

This young person was viewed as being high risk to to go to the shops alone or to use public transport. The distraction of story creation in his mind created a risk to his personal safety. Once in #JunX10n, a Person-Centred Planning MAP meeting was held with everyone their that Zac had invited.

Targets were set around developing his art work, developing his storytelling skills, independence skills and aligned with his dream of becoming an illustrator, who could engage better with their community. The service then provided the creative space, support and understanding to allow Zac to meet those targets.

Relationship development was key, as communication with Zac and his family began to facilitate a level of trust which allowed them to try new things safely. Zac now shops regularly in his own community, has had artwork for sale locally, travels independently and has recently completed a graphic novel based on all of the characters and stories that were once locked inside his mind.

Through socialising more, developing relationships and trust and learning to use new technologies, Zac has found his voice and continues to develop.