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Useful Information

This area will be populated with information that may be useful to our trainees, parents and carers.

Understanding the Spectrum

#JunX10n love Rebecca Burgess’ explanation of the Autistic Spectrum.  Rebecca uses fantastic visuals to present her thoughts:

“The Tumblr user debuted “Understanding the Spectrum” (below), which gets rid of the linear autism spectrum image (i.e. you’re either “not autistic”, “very autistic” or somewhere in between) and replaces it with a round spectrum full of several traits or ways the brain processes information.”

Link to Article and Link to YouTube Video

Eating Disorder Resource

CARED, an eating disorder resource for parents and carers has recently launched.

The resource is aimed at parents and carers who have a loved ones (aged up to 25) who have recently been diagnosed with or just begun treatment for an eating disorder.

The resource aims to improve parents & carers:

  • Self-efficiency,
  • address the sense of burden and isolation parents and carers may feel,
  • improve confidence and
  • provide practical hints and tips

The resource is free to use and can be access at

There is also an information leaflet available.