About #JunX10n

Together we’ll find your voice.

#JunX10n empowers young people to identify goals and ambitions. Working together, we help to improve their own understanding of their strengths and wellbeing needs.

Reboot your options

#JunX10n is underpinned by a can-do culture and creative space that supports and engages young people. In doing so, the service empowers young people to design their own inspiring and realistic future. The person centred planning approach lays the foundations for each young person to find the headspace in order to “reboot their options”.

Our staff are trained in PCP methodology and encourage Trainees to understand their own capacities, drivers and dreams to create an inspiring and realistic plan which lights up the 5 Ordinary Needs for living a dignified life: Contributing, Choice & Control, Sharing Ordinary Places, Being Someone, Belonging.

We’re tech savvy, with superb WIFI

#JunX10n provides young people with access to contemporary technology though a range of ICT including digital photography, podcasting, animation and gaming.

And of course, WIFI.

Informal, relaxed set up

#JunX10n provides opportunities for young people to be part of the service full time or part time. The service has been co-designed with young people and offers a friendly and warm environment where young people can relax and be themselves.

Our contemporary space is somewhere Trainees can co-create their own work space. So far our Trainees have a Common Room, a Person Centred Planning Room, a Laboratory, a Quiet Room, a Loud Room, an Art Room, a Gaming Room and a Computing and Coding Room.

Our ethos

Our ethos

“Co-designed with young people for young people, we provide an individualised service for each and every Trainee.”

Laura Watkins, CEO Donaldson Trust